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Just above Rishikesh, Phool Chatti Ashram is a little slice of paradise! Located on the banks of the Ganga River (Ganges) in the Himalayan foothills, we are surrounded by mountain forests, hiking trails, swimming beaches, and nature in abundance. The Him River also joins the Ganga at our doorstep, so we are double lucky!

Once an ancient pilgrimage route, the site was thought to be ideal to provide rest for spiritual travellers.

In the late 1800s, Sri Devi Dayal ji Maharaj, a spiritually awakened sadhu, founded Phool Chatti Ashram in order to serve his fellow sadhus and other pilgrims venturing into sacred territory.

Phool Chatti’s tradition of service continued and expanded over the decades to welcome people from all walks of life and many regions of the world.

Since 1977, Phool Chatti has been under the care and guidance of its present Swami Ji, Swami Dev Swarup Nanda Ji. 


Many yoga courses are offered by ashrams in the urban atmosphere of Rishikesh. Two things make Phool Chatti’s yoga and meditation program especially unique. 

1. We teach a full spectrum of the yogic (spiritual) path and ashram life not just asanas (postures). Our aim is to give students a comprehensive experience including yoga (asanas), chanting, pranayama (breathing), lecture, meditation, neti pot cleansing, etc. See Yoga Program for more details. We offer our students practical tools that they can continue to use in their lives after the program ends.

2. We are a remote ashram located in a stunning, natural environment along the banks of the Ganga River in the Himalayan foothills.With such a tranquil environment a deep experience of the inner self is supported allowing the mind to become still and meditation to come more naturally.

For more course information, please see the Yoga Program page.

About The Ashram


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Bramlin Swami Vishudha Nand Ji was a self-realized saint and philosopher, an allopathic and ayurvedic doctor, and a master in the ancient Hindu tradition of Vedanta. Swami Ji was well educated in Sanskrit, astrology, and palmistry and was known to study scholarly books all through the night. He was a committed humanitarian who provided free medicine and treatment to the mountain people surrounding Phool Chatti Ashram. When Swami Ji died in 1977, given his high state of development, his body was set in the lotus position as his soul would be in Maha Samadhi. A small temple was constructed at the ashram to contain the body where he is daily taken care of (prayed over, fed, etc.). His soul continues to oversee and protect this ashram. On 19th June, the anniversary of his death, hundreds of disciples from all over come to Phool Chatti Ashram to honor this great Saint. There is no doubt that Bramlin Swami Vishudha Nand Ji remains a powerful force here at Phool Chatti - clearly evident to those sensitive to the subtle energies.


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Since 1977, Phool Chatti Ashram has been under the able care and guidance of Swami Dev Swarupa Nand Ji. His expertise in Ayurvedic medicine and Vedic astrology was gained as a disciple of the late Swami Vishudha Nand Ji. In recent years, the current Swami Ji has modernized the living accommodations at Phool Chatti Ashram, to include electricity, phone and modern toilet systems, greatly expanded gardens, and initiated the Yoga and Meditation Program. It is the result of his excellent administration that Phool Chatti Ashram has successfully retained its traditional character while acquiring the infrastructure to provide comfort and convenience to its guests and residents.

Spiritual Maters


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Although the ashram has a spiritual guru, it is the gentle Lalita-ji whose face will be seen each day by students. She is the guide of the retreat, leading students through meditation, daily asana practice and evening kirtan with her deep knowledge and warm heart.
Sadhvi Lalita Nand ('Lalita-ji') moved to Phool Chatti Ashram in 1988 in response to an intense desire to lead a spiritual life. Leaving behind all family ties she decided instead to lead a simple life devoted entirely to the service of God.
After completing her schooling, Lalita-ji immersed herself in the yoga discipline, training at many institutions. Drawing on her knowledge of hatha and ashtanga vinyasa yoga, and as the result of many years practice, Lalita-ji is able to perform many complex yoga postures with ease. Lalita-ji is also able to play many musical instruments and leads kirtan sessions every evening in the ashram.

Yoga Master
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