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  • Experience in both Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, as well as exploring various meditation
    techniques that you can use in a daily practice back home.

  • The positive effects of healthy (delicious!) food, a relaxing atmosphere, and a focus owellness of body and spirit with like-minded people from around the world.

  • An understanding of yogic principles pointing the way to harmonious union of your body and mind, of nature and humanity, and ultimately, of your oneness of spirit.

  • The benefit of a weeklong experience of actually living this balance in life, via the retreat

  • activities and training amid nature’s beauty and the supportive energy of Phool Chatti Ashram.

What benefits will you gain from Phool Chatti Ashram’s
highly-respected Yoga and Meditation Course?



HATHA YOGA is practiced each morning to learn the basic asanas (yoga postures) in tune with mindful breathing, stretching, and gentle motion.

ASHTANGA YOGA involves continuous movement in sync with one"s breath , and can be taught in many ways.we use the "Eight Limbs" tradition ,a gentle approach that is suitable for all participants ,regardless of age and condition.

MAUNA involves respectful silence that retreat participants observe throughout each morning, during meals, and after evening meditation in order to help maintain one’s mindfulness.

MEDITATION is taught and practiced daily to give participants experience in a variety of techniques involving sound ( Gong ), silence, verbal guidance, breath, and mental focus. 

YOGIC CLEANSING (jala neti) of nasal and sinus passages is gently self-applied with warm salt water to wash out pollutants and maintain good health.

KARMA YOGA  is based in the belief that spiritual merit arrises from selfless service - such as clearing plastic from Ganga beaches and other service projects in and around Phool Chatti Ashram.    

GUIDED NATURE WALKS are undertaken in silence each late morning, allowing participants to practice body awareness, as well as to become more attuned to the natural surroundings.

Day 2: Ganga River walk
Day 3: Waterfall walk
Day 4: Ritual bathing in Mother Ganga
Day 5: Walk in the forest to the viewpoint
Day 6: Garden tour 
Note: Depending on weather conditions we may change specific

PRANAYAMA involves breathing exercises to invigorate the body and to balance one’s flow of prana (life-force energy).

LECTURES AND GROUP DISCUSSIONS each afternoon address the roots of Yoga philosophy, its many techniques, and how to apply them to our lives and challenges.
LAUGHTER MEDITATION is a short daily session in which participants are free to join in the play, using the act of laughing to promote stress relief and good health.

FREE-FORM DANCE is offered (immediately after the laughter session) for individuals wishing to further release feelings of joy and other emotions through spontaneous movement in rhythm to traditional drum beats from India and Africa.

MANTRA CHANTING involves sacred combinations of repetitive words or sounds uttered to activate energies in the body-mind.


Days 1 to 6: Temple Pooja (devotional rituals) each evening followed by Kirtan (sacred music).

Day 4: Ritual Bathing in Mother Ganga. Participants gather on the banks of the Ganga to join in ritual bathing (for those who wish to) and for quiet meditation.

Day 6: Bonfire Celebration. An evening where participants warmly share our diverse cultures in song, dance, and joy.

Day 7: Havan Fire Ceremony. A sacred Hindu purification rite that involves offerings of seven types of wood into the flames of the fire god, Agni—as we bring the retreat to a prayerful close.

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Infos about the Special Retreat

Daily Program
Retreat Dates
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The rituals and devotions at Phool Chatti Ashram are rooted in ancient Hindu traditions. Please rest assured, however, that we welcome and respect the beliefs of all guests who come to our door—with the hope that our 7-Day Yoga and Meditation
Retreat will enrich your current lifestyle, well-being, and spiritual practices.


We’d be delighted to see you here

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