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Phool Chatti is in a beautiful location and the wonderful staff and simple environment make for a peaceful retreat. The food is delicious and I found the program to be a perfect balance of yoga, meditation and some time to think.

Simple, clean rooms with great forest or river views. The call of Maa Ganga rushing over rapids echoes through the valley at all times. Wonderful walks into the jungle, waterfalls close by and access to Maa Ganga's sandy beaches. Retreat food is simple and sufficient. Phool Chatti Ashram is well loved.

I've had a very special experience at Phool Chatti. It wasn't just about the yoga and meditations, but about the ashram life as a whole. The location is absolutely stunning, the food is extremely fresh and delicious and I finished the course with lots of insights. (It wasn't easy but in a good way). I went in December and the weather was very cold, so bear that in mind... Great value for money, I highly recommend!

Recently I celebrated my birthday week at Phool Chatti Ashram. It was beautiful and life changing experience. Each day was full of energy, yoga, learning, lectures, discussion, chanting, satvik food, meditation, nature walk and unconditional love. I felt my inner light glow stronger and brighter. I also felt I was able to see the light in others as well. This shifted the way I interacted with people. I found that I loved more and judged less. I let go of things that didn’t serve me. This transformation gave me an enormous amount of happiness and energy.

Perfect place to be calm, silent. Perfect place to practice. Beautiful people and of course, Lalita Ji, great teacher :)))


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