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Our tasty traditional Indian meals are completely vegetarian. 


For breakfast, enjoy fruit salad made with seasonal homegrown organic fruits such as bananas, papayas, mango and other fresh fruit from the market. Our porridge is made with fresh milk from our own cows which live also on the ashram grounds and are very well looked after. If you follow a vegan diet, we can make porridge with filtered water as an alternative. You can sweeten the porridge to your taste with honey which we provide. If you would like to add any nuts or powders like cinnamon or cocoa, please bring it with you.


Our lunches and dinners feature a variety of fresh vegetable curries and dal, always served with rice, roti or chapati and a fresh crisp salad from our garden. Depending on the season, we can also enjoy chutneys, poppadum and chilli sauce with coriander. 


We do have a 7 hour break between lunch and dinner. If you have any concerns about hunger, a drop in blood sugar, wheat or milk intolerance, or any other dietary issues, please bring a supply of snacks with you (fruit, chocolate, nuts, biscuits, etc.) to support yourself or bridge the gap between meals. 


We provide a small kitchen (gas burner, utensils) for you to prepare drinks and snacks.

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